The 50th episode of The One – Get Hired!

The One – Get Hired is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by our managing director Darren Aggaslid and his co-host John Mellis. It is a free educational resource that provides that provide career advice for people of all different professions and experience levels. 

Past topics have included tips for networking, student placements, CV writing, people management and how to ask for a pay raise. The podcast is about to reach the achievement of the 50th episode, which will feature guest Ross Jolly who is on to discuss oil and gas recruitment and networking.

Whether you’ve recently lost your job, want to switch careers or land a dream role, this is the podcast which will give you the edge and make recruiters realise that you are The One.
You can find The One To Get Hired wherever you listen to podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Amazon Music.

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